Mastering the Business of Medicine

Business & Legal Guidance For Health Care Providers

SherpaMD Provides Preventative Legal Strategies, In-house Counsel & Business Consulting Services For Health Care Practices

There when you need us; before you need us.

SherpaMD‘s team of legal, business, and financial veterans has decades of combined experience in advising doctors, practice managers, and medical groups in the wise management of business, people, and the diverse aspects of a healthcare practice.

SherpaMD‘s consultancy will create a streamlined and efficient business process for your healthcare practice, so you can spend more of your time focused on patient care.

We specialize in the growth and management of specialty healthcare practices, with years of experience working with orthopedic, neurology and neurologic surgery, emergency medicine, and general surgery practices.

SherpaMD‘s industry-unique business model offers monthly, no-limit, flat-fee advice and standard document review. We also offer hourly or flat-fee rates for most services, including remote or on-site compliance, training, assessments, and preventative risk strategies.

Please call us at (406) 556-3000 to discuss references, fees, and how we can help your you and your practice.

Services Offered

  • personnel management / human resources
  • staff and management training
  • real estate and zoning / construction contracts
  • asset protection / preventative risk and liability strategies
  • medical clinic operation and management programs
  • sale of physician ownership interest to the clinic / company
  • billing and coding compliance counsel and audits
  • anti-fraud, anti-kickback, anti-trust, and Stark evaluation
  • new partner buy-in
  • medical company (corporate) reformation
  • passive income strategies and  investment counsel
  • dispute resolution and negotiation
  • data and privacy rights policy and implementation training and assessment

SherpaMD is not a law firm and its members do not practice law for SherpaMD or offer legal opinions. While members of SherpaMD have legal degrees and have many years of legal experience with medical and business trial law firms, they now devote their skills to the business of medicine. If you need legal representation, SherpaMD will arrange a referral to a lawyer or law firm with specific expertise in the needed area. We have an existing network of relationships that we utilize to your advantage. SherpaMD also welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with your existing legal counsel offering our many years of experience in medical matters.